Adjustable Vertical Tilt

Manually adjust tilt to 90° position, direct fan towards desired angle.

Multi-Rotational Fan

360° level oscillation delivering refreshing wind, experience a relaxing cool breeze anywhere. ,

2 in 1 Table Top & Free Standing

Two different builds table top or free standing build, adaptable to any setting.

Rotational Wind Delivery Enhancing Wind Delivery

Direct fan towards ceiling for better indoor convection, assisting air-conditioning and avoiding direct winds towards elderly and kids.

Multiple Fan Speeds and Settings

Specially designed 3 Speed, Natural Winds, and Sleep Mode Settings. Adjust to desired preferences for optimal comfort.

Normal Mode
Natural Winds
Sleep Mode

Simulate Refreshing Natural Cool Breeze

Simulate a natural cool breeze and experience refreshing plateau winds in the comfort of your home.

Friendly Design

16’’ fan diameter

1/2/4/8 extended timer with

Electronic keypad control and LED display

Wireless remote

Wireless remote

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