A Total Enhancement in Flavour & Nutrition

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Weekend Weekly Recommended

The German Pool Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus is recommended by Weekend Weekly. Reporters of the magazine tested out the appliance and created vacuum juice as well as calcium-rich fish soup!

Magnetic Sensor Technology

The magnetic sensor at the jar base prevents malfunction.

Brand New Experience with Endless Possibilities

With the Magnetic Sensor Technology and advanced microcomputer control can identify between blender jar and sports jar, locking in their individual functions and adjusting processing speed range. Convenient to use and safety-ensured.

Deriving Phytonutrients with German Pool PRO Series

Uniquely pre-programmed based on the blending cycle recommended by an expert in naturopathy and nutrition. So, you can now enjoy truly beneficial juices simply with one touch.

One Touch Pre-Programmed Blending Cycle

Blend for 30 sec, then blend at low speed for 10 sec, and turn to high speed for 60 sec, and finally blend at low speed for 10 sec.

8 Default Programmes



Soy Milk




Ice Cream

Fish Soup

Calcium-Rich Fish Bisque Ready within Minutes

PRO-16 Professional High Speed Food Processor comes with a unique “Fish Soup” programme. No need to debone, it can blend meat and bones together into a silky smooth consistency, letting you absorb all the calcium and collagen goodness of the fish.

Simple 3-Step Recipe

Cook the fish thoroughly
Put the fish and other ingredients into the Professional High-Speed Food Processor
Blend with “Fish Soup” mode

Perfect for Making Both Hot & Cold Drinks

InnovativeiDial Control

Different automatic programmes are clearly displayed. Selection of programmes is easy.

Additional USB Port

The tablet shelf allows you to check your recipes while using the Food Processor. With the additional USB port, you can charge your electronic devices anytime.

Upgraded Blender Jar

Magnetic sensor at the base of blender jar prevents malfunction and damage to the jar. BPA-free, can be used to make both cold and hot dishes, safe even for baby food.
German Pool Blender Jar


Other Glass Blender Jars

Easy to Break

German Pool Blender Jar

Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Other Glass Blender Jars

Heavy & Difficult to Use

German Pool Blender Jar


Other Glass Blender Jars

Poor Insulation

Core Techniques for Cell Disruption

The brand new German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processor can successfully pulverize seeds and cell walls of fruits and vegetables, liberating phytonutrients without the need to peel and de-seed. This not only minimizes loss of valuable nutrients, the juices taste better!
Japanese High-Carbon Steel Blending Blades

The Japanese 6-piece high-carbon steel blending blades are ultra-durable and heat-resistant. The whole piece of vegetable or fruit can be grinded together with their pulp, peels and seeds.

High-Speed Motor

The super high-speed motor blends the ingredients thoroughly, liberating rich fibres and nutrients.

One-Touch Preset Functions

Create vegetable juice, soy milk, sauce, smoothie, bisque, ice cream, fish soup and process nuts in minutes by just pressing a button.

Time & Speed Buttons

The new food processor is fully automatically operated. It also comes with time & speed buttons for precise adjustment.

Triple Safety Protection

Vacuum Blending! A Total Enhancement in Flavour & Nutrition

Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus (Optional)


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Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Set (Optional)


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Perfect for Food Processing
Tamper with Thermometer


The tamper helps blend thick ingredients while measures the temperature, preventing the consumption of scalding food. Children’s safety can be ensured.

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Blender Jar


The extra-large capacity allows a variety of ingredients to be put in. Beans can be grinded effectively. It is also suitable for making smoothies and milkshakes.

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How to make your Professional High-Speed Food Processor more durable?
Make sure the blending jar is placed stably and horizontally on the main body of the food processor. This can prevent the moving parts from being worn out due to non-uniform load. The food processor works at super high speed. To prevent the revolving axis from being damaged, do not forcibly remove the blending jar before the motor comes to a complete halt. After cleaning the blending jar, let it air dry upside down or horizontally. Do not immerse the jar into any liquids. If the jar is being dried upside down, please wipe the jar free from residue water and place it away from the sink to prevent drips of liquid from rusting and damaging the revolving axis. The sealing ring on the lid can be separated from the lid for thorough rinsing and washing. After cleaning, reattach the seal ring carefully. For efficient removal of residue on the blending blade or inside the blending jar, as well as to help them last longer, fill the jar with lemon and water. Press“Pulse” twice or thrice. Discard the liquid and repeat until the jar is clean.
There seems to be a leakage on Blender Jar during operation. Is there anything wrong with the qualit
When the unit base of food processor is placed on an uneven surface or in non-level position (e.g. power cable winds across the bottom of the base causing the base to be slightly tilted), the bearings of the motor and the blade cannot be lined up perfectl
The processor does not operate smoothly after a short time of use, why?
Generally, it caused by the loss of lubricating oil in ball bearing of blade. If you often immerse Blender Jar in water or have not wipe and air dry (place Blender Jar horizontally) after cleaning, the lubricating oil will gradually lost as oil is lighter than water. The unsmooth operation will then damage the seal ring and lead to a leakage.
My Food Processor gives a burning smell when I use it for the first time. Is anything wrong?
The smell of the Food Processor comes from the brand new electric motor when it is used for the first time. It will fade over a few more runs...
What is the different of PRO Series and other blenders and juicers?
PRO Series is a professional high-speed food processor rather than a blender or juicer. With high speed motor, it thoroughly grinds the peels, roots, stems, pips and pulps of fruits and vegetables with juices, leaving no residue in the blender and no need for filters.
When the processor starts the operation, the Blender Jar is slightly turning. Is it normal?
Don't worry, a small turning movement at start up is normal.
My food processor has been used for a period of time, but recently it seems a bit abnormal during operation. Should I bring it in for an inspection?
It depends: (i) [Condition] There are rust-like spots on Blade → [Solution] Wipe it with a sponge and mild detergent. (ii) [Condition] The motor sounds unsmooth/abnormal → [Solution] Bring to us for inspection. (iii) [Condition] An unusual smell is detected → [Solution] Bring to us for checking. (iv) [Condition] Blade Shaft does not turn smoothly → [Solution] Bring to us for inspection. (v) [Condition] There is a leakage at the bottom of Blender Jar → [Solution] Bring to us for inspection.
Can I make soup with the Food Processor?
Yes. Saute all the ingredients, then put them into the Food Processor and blend into smooth, silky soup. All the nutrients are retained.
How to make sweet sesame soup with the Food Processor?
Roast the black sesame and rice until golden brown. Put them into the Food Processor and add water. Select "Bisque" to blend. Add sugar after the programme finishes, then select "Nuts" to blend until silky smooth.
How should I prepare the ingredients before making cashew sweet soup with the Food Processor? Which modes should I select?
Rinse the cashews and roast in the oven at 180℃ for 10 minutes. Put the cashews into the Food Processor, pour in water, then select the "Bisque" programme. Add sugar through the small opening on the lid when the programme finishes. After that, select the "Nuts" programme to blend thoroughly. Serve.

Selected Recipes

Mango & Watermelon Smoothies with Creamy Foam
Black Sticky Rice Milk with Coconut Foam
Cashew Nut Sweet Soup
Pomegranate Ice Pop
Strawberry Cupcake
Steamed Chinese Yam in Vegetarian Soup
Almond Date Ball
Oven Roasted Sparerib with Pineapple
American Ginseng & Honey Tea
Kale Muffins
Fruit Flavoured Chicken Curry
Stewed Chicken Wings with White Wine
Fish and Tofu Soup
Pomegranate Mint Juice
Basic Fish Soup
Ginger Milk Curd
Lamb Potstickers
Pad Thai Noodles with Tamarind and Seafood
Vegetarian Fins in Pumpkin Soup
Dried Fish Maw in Fish Soup
Stir Fried Shrimps with Mango and Milk
Chilled Sweet Potato Cream Soup
Matcha and Red Bean Crystal Jelly Mooncakes
Mango and Cheese Snow Skin Mooncakes
Baked Sole Fillets with Butter
Tortillas with Tzatziki Sauce
Gum Tragacanth with Apricot Juice
Watermelon Gazpacho
Broccoli Cheese Balls
Corn and Fish Maw Soup
Strawberry Ice Cream with Fresh Fruit
Fried Dace Salad with Salted Black Beans
Golden Threadfin Bream and Papaya Soup
King Snapper and Seafood Soup
Yellow Croaker and Coriander Soup
Salmon and Pumpkin Bisque
Spinach and Cod Bisque
Italian Grilled Pork Belly Rolls with Pesto Sauce
Fungus Soup with Pumpkins and Dried Scallops
Stir Fried Bean Threads with Spicy Minced Pork
Trypauchen Soup with Tomatoes and Potatoes
Choy Sum in Savory Soy Milk Soup
Blended Fish Bisque
Sweetened Cashew Nuts Cream
Grilled Chicken with Herbs
Chinese Cabbage and Pig Lung Soup with Apricot Juice
Pita Bread with Chickpeas and Aubergine Sauce
Cool Basil Lemonade
Grapefruit Cucumber Juice
Turnip cake
Italian Pizza
Soursop Icecream
Blueberry Cheesecake
Milky Corn Bisque
Indian Red Shrimp Yellow Rice
Brown Sugar Ginger Tea
Antioxidant Blueberry Juice
Grilled Trio Seafood Cake
Mixed Berry Cream Tarlets
Soy Milk Pudding
Lychee Yogurt Ice Lolly
Freshly Ground Sweet Sesame Soup
Sweet Pumpkin Soup
Sweet Potato Blended Soup
Steamed Eggs with Dried Shrimp & Dried Scallop
Shanghainess Salty Soy Milk
Detox Five-Green Juice
Tomato Soup with Seafood & Herbs
Tomato Pesto
Walnut Rice Porridge