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Cooking is best when done with the cookware and the heat you desire. 2,800W of power is available in 2 rings and 10 levels for stir-frying, slow-cooking, and every cooking method in between.

*Towngas model only. 5,000W for LPG model.

Simple bolt on burner cap

360° clip-free burner cap bolts on in all directions to prevent the distortion of the burner cap due to incorrect insertion or accumulation of grime. The crevice-free under side of the burner cap makes it easier to remove for cleaning.

High density, anti-shock tempered glass cook-top

Temperature and scratch resistant, the tempered glass has a contemporary and elegant look.

High Density

High quality cast-iron burner rack for superb durability. Designed for all sorts of pots and pans including the Chinese wok.

Energy Efficiency

Electronic ignition system, robust burner ring for extra durability, focussed flame for increased energy efficiency.

Wisdom in Small Kitchen

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Installation Diagram

Blends in perfectly with your chic kitchen. Space-saving and aesthetically appealing.

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There is a 'click' sound coming from the cooking range continuously. Why?
There will be a 'click' sound when the spark electrode is wet. The solution is take out battery and put it back when the spark electrode dries out.
What is the distance between the glass panel and the wall?
At least 5 cm.
Why the cooking range can not be lighted?
Flame heat is stuck by durt. Clean with a tooth brush.
Where is the serial number of the gas cooking range?
Near the battery box, at the bottom left corner of the unit.
Why does flame distinguish while using?
The Safety Device will shut the gas off when Flame Head is blocked. Regular cleaning for Burning Head is suggested.
There is sound coming from the Gas Cooking Range. Why?
There is a deformation of Range head or Flame Head Blocked. Both block the flame and make sound. It is suggested to change Range Head or clean the Flame Head.

Selected Recipes

Spicy Zhenjiang Chicken Wings
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice
Sauteed Prawn & Celery
X.O. Sauce Beef Stir-Fry
Salty Chicken