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In Chinese culture, we drink different tea in different seasons and conditions to maintain good health. The duration and degree of heating is the key in tea making. The essence can only be extracted from the leaves under specific temperature. German Pool Cordless Health Kettle provides you with 5 temperature settings at the touch of a button. The kettle keeps warm for 4 hours at the prescribed temperature for easy brewing of healthy drinks. Exquisite life starts from now.

4 Hourswarm keeping for up to 4 hours

Advanced Strix heating technology for rapid heat conduction; precise temperature control, and insulation for up to 4 hours

Temperature memory for 2 full minutes

Independent power base and cordless kettle make pouring or refilling easier. 120-second temperature memory makes sure you don't need to set the insulation temperature again.

Automatic frequencyGradual heating extra-large capacity of 2L

Automatic frequency gradual heating, no spill over for boiling even the kettle is full of water. Extra-large 2L capacity.

German-madehigh Borosilicate glass

German SCHOTT DURAN ® high Borosilicate glass can withstand up to 400°C and resist 120°C temperature difference. The food-grade material ensures no harmful substance emission.

Health & Multifunctional

British Strix temperature control
German-made high Borosilicate glass
Variable frequency heating technology
Cordless kettle
Multiple safety protection
Curved spout

5 Temperature Selections At A Touch

Simple button control, auto choose different temperature for brewing tea according to different materials, extracting essence from the food.

Lemon, fruit and herbal tea

Milk formula or instant powder drinks

Longjing, jasmine tea and matcha

Coffee, breakfast tea, Tieguanyin or Yancha

Pu’er, oolong, or floral tea

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