A well-timed warm breeze

The slim body is packed with great power. Warm air is delivered with PTC ceramic heating technology, instantly yet soothingly.

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Highly efficient PTC ceramic heating

PTC ceramic heating technology at 2,000W and a wide swing ensure all-round comfort for your home.

3 adjustable heating levels

Suit your needs in cold days with 3 heating levels. Make your home cosy, comfortable, or simply full of warmth.

Timer up to 24 hours

Auto-start and auto-off at the moment you desire and especially when you prefer sleeping longer.

ECO auto mode

When the desired temperature is achieved, heating level is automatically adjusted, using a moderate amount of power to keep warm. It’s possible to make your home comfortable all day long, while being friendly to the environment, and easy on your wallet.

Handy features

Tip-over safety switch

Switch off automatically when it falls over or is positioned inappropriately.

Functional modes

Anti-frost mode keeps the room temperature stable. Fan mode circulates indoor air.

Detachable filter

The detachable filter brings you cleaner air while being easy to clean.

LCD touch panel

Simple touch-sensing control panel paired with chic LCD display for easy operation.

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There is a clicking sound coming from the inside of the Tower Fan Heater when I move it. Why is that?
What you have heard is possibly the sound of the level of the tip-over safety switch working. It is normal and does not require repair.
What does the mode with a snowflake icon do?
This is the Anti-frost Mode Room temperature is maintained at 7°C to avoid freezing, without warming up the room.
What does the mode with a 4-bladed fan icon do?
This is the Fan Mode. The fan operates and delivers regular breeze to facilitate airflow.
Why does the heater go on and off?
The appliance is designed with an anti-tipover switch. When the appliance is tilted, the base deviates from ground or is placed on an uneven surface, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety. To bring it back to operation, place the appliance on a flat surface and push the switch back to its original position