Lightweight Ceramic Fan Heater

Winter Must-Have

The lightweight, portable body is ideal for both households and offices. Delivering gentle warm air evenly and automatically, the Mini Ceramic Fan Heater is a winter must-have.

Human Body Sensor

The unique human body sensor activates the heater only when the presence of users is detected. It reduces energy consumption and ensures operation safety.

Efficient PTC

Ceramic Heating System

The effective PTC ceramic heating system generates heat rapidly while keeping your skin moisturized. Gentle wind is delivered by the DC fan motor, minimizing noise and keeping the environment peaceful.

2 Slick Colour Options

The stylish heater is available in white and pink.

User-Friendly Features

Simplistic Button Design

The control panel comes with only 2 buttons: the On/Off button and the body sensor button. Operation is easy and straight-forward.

Anti-Tilt Switch and Overheat Protection

Power will be automatically switched-off when the device is tipped over or overheated, ensuring operation safety.

Standard Power Plug

Plug in and use the heater in any corner you want.

Office Series Products

German Pool Office Series are designed for the busy OL. Minimalist and user-friendly are always the style of this series, to help everyone have a better office lifestyle experience.

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What is the effective area of body sensor mode?
Within a distance of around 1.8 meters.
Why the Mini Ceramic Fan Heater automatically turn off under body sensor mode while I am away?
Upon switching to the body sensor mode, the PTC heating element keeps operating for the first 2 minutes and the system will continuously detect the presence of human body. If human body is not detected, the PTC heating element will stop working after 2 minutes.
Why does the heater go on and off?
The appliance is designed with an anti-tipover switch. When the appliance is tilted, the base deviates from ground or is placed on an uneven surface, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety. To bring it back to operation, place the appliance on a flat surface and push the switch back to its original position
What is the maximum time the heater can operate?
It is safe to operate for a long period of time. However, do not leave it unattended.
Why does the heater stop operation?
If the heater has been in operation for long hours, if the heating element overheats, or when it is tripped over, it may stop operation.
Is the Bathroom Heater capable of sanitising towels or small garments?
The Bathroom Heater can blow dry towels with its heat outlet. Dryer fabrics make it harder for germs and moulds to grow and for odours to develop, thus inhibiting microbial growth.
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
What is the best way to clean and maintain the heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
Can this heater run standalone, without a power connection?
No. You need a power supply from an outlet.