Revolutionary Full Design Optimisation

Revolutionary Full
Design Optimisation

Awarded Grade 2 Energy Efficiency

Awarded Grade 2
Energy Efficiency

After a series of coils and mainboard redesign, the Double-hob Built-in Induction Cooker emerges as an optimised cooker with a Class 2 energy efficiency certified by Hong Kong EMSD. With the advanced induction and control technology, induction cooking is now made even more stable, and provides even stronger heat than open-flame cooking. Truly your go-to cooker for a chic, eco kitchen.

Embrace Induction Cooking For Better Lifestyle

Embrace Induction Cooking
For Better Lifestyle

The brand new German Pool Powerful Induction Cooker combines Rapid Heating with the intelligent power adjustment technology. Not only is its power comparable to traditional gas cookers, the Powerful Induction Cooker also provides stable and accurate temperature control with its ultra-high 5600W power and 10 levels of power control.

Intelligent Power Sharing Between 2 Hobs

2 separate power sockets for 2 hobs allow even power sharing. Making 2 dishes at the same time is no longer a challenge.

Flexible 10-Level Power Control

The 10-level power control allows you to adjust the cooking temperature however you want, making it extra easy to create a perfect meal!

6-Hour Extended Timer

Gently press the timer button to pre-set the timer. The induction cooker will automatically switches off when the time is up.

Touch-Sensing Control Panel

The touch-sensing control panel is practical and stylish. Adjust the cooking time and power level with a simple touch of your fingertip.

User-Friendly Features

Up to SCHOTT CERAN® Heat-Resistant Glass Panel

The German-made ceramic glass can resist high temperature up to 750℃. Heat is transmitted only to the cookware but not other parts of the glass panel, reducing the risk of burns and scalds.

Cookware Sensor

The cookware sensor automatically recognizes applicable cookware. The induction cooker will only activate if the cookware on top is compatible.

Overheat & Empty Pan Auto Shut-Off

When overheating or empty pans are encountered, the induction cooker automatically switches off to avoid accidents.

2 Independent 13A Power Sockets

The two separate 13A power sockets bring about convenient plug-and-cook operation.

Delayed Cooling Fan System

The cooling fan will not stop operating immediately after the induction cooker is switched off, ensuring thorough cooling.

Key Lock Function

Lock the keys on the control panel to avoid pressing the wrong buttons by mistake.

Suitable for All Steel Cookware

All steel cookware are applicable, allowing you to make a perfect meal effortlessly.

Induction Cooker

Installation Diagram

*For ventilation purpose, please allow enough room (>250mm) underneath the unit during installation unless ventilation devices such as louvers are present. The actual installation dimensions may vary with each unit.

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How to remove the grease and stain on my Induction/Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker?
Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth. For stubborn stains, scrape lightly with a blade (Hold the blade horizontally when scraping to avoid scratches).
Induction Cooker stops heating during normal operation. Why?
The temperature of Induction Cooker is too high. Avoid operating the cooker with an empty pan. Let cooker cool down before switching it on again.
Why is the display monitor of Induction Cooker showing the error code __?
Error code EC indicates improper installation. Please re-install. Error code EA means internal overheat. Wait until the cook-top cools down. Error code E3 means voltage over-loaded. Operation can be resumed when power voltage returns to normal rating (187V - 253V). Error code E4 means voltage under-loaded. Operation can be resumed when power voltage returns to normal rating (187V - 253V). Error code E5 indicates open circuit of cook-top sensor. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error code E6 indicates short circuit of cook-top sensor. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error code E7 means cook-top overheat. Wait until cook-top cools down. Error code E8 means short circuit of internal temperature sensor. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error code E9 means open circuit of internal temperature sensor. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error code E0 means no cookware or appropriate cookware is detected. Use cookware made of metal, ferromagnetic stainless steel or cast iron. It should also have a flat bottom with a diameter of 12 cm or more. Cookware bottom diameter should not exceed 25 cm and must not weigh more than 6 kg (with food).
Why does the Induction Cooker show code “HH”?
It means the power is adjusted to the highest.
It there any particular cookware recommended for Induction cooker?
Metal, ferromagnetic stainless, and cast iron cookwares with flatten bottom (with a diameter of 12-26cm) are recommended. Test the cookware with a magnet, the cookware is suitable for induction cooking if it draws magnet.
Why is the Induction Cooker displaying the error code
The sensor may have malfunctioned, or the overheat protection function has been activated. Remove the cooking utensil and let the appliance cool down. If the error code continues to be displayed, contact the Customer Service & Repairs Centre for inspection.
Why does Induction Cooker keep beeping?
Check whether the pan is suitable for induction cooking and positioned properly. Use an appropriate pan and position the pan in the centre of cook-top.
The cooker does not heat up when using cookware indicated
Not all cookware claimed “induction cooking available” is suitable for our Induction Cooker. If indication persists after several times, suggest you try other appropriate cookware.
Why can't both hobs of the Induction Cooker be set at high heat at the same time?
The intelligent power sharing of the Induction Cooker will automatically distribute power between the 2 hobs.
What should I do when the buttons of Induction/Ceramic Cooker don't respond to my push?
Please touch the buttons using the ball of your finger instead of fingertip. Or apply more pressure. Make sure there is no water, oil or other objects on the control panel as well.

Selected Recipes

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Stir-Fried Sticky Rice
Sauteed Prawn & Celery
X.O. Sauce Beef Stir-Fry
Salty Chicken