Snap in Place Easily with Magnetic Charge

Snap in Place Easily
with Magnetic Charge

This lint remover is tailored as an accessory for the USB Portable Travel Iron Set (IRT-16). It is equipped with magnetic connection ports. Simply detach the ceramic-coated soleplate of the portable iron from the power bank handle, and snap on this accessory to become a lint remover. Your clothes can now be as good as new. With a slim and compact design, weighing only 138 g, the Lint Remover gives you an effortless user experience.

Unique 3 Flex-Blade Design

Trimming Pills without
Damaging the Garment

The durable three flex-blade design allows the Lint Remover to cover large area of fabric with its long blades, working swiftly and effectively, saving your time and effort. The stainless steel mesh cover is smooth and polished, and glides over the fabric with no risk of damage.

Three Speeds Catering to Different Types of Clothing

Three Speeds Catering to
Different Types of Clothing

Three Speeds Catering to Different Types of Clothing

This lint remover is suitable for various types of knitted textiles. Speed 1 (Low) is suitable for fine knits, socks and bed sheets, etc.; Speed 2 (Medium) is suitable for chunky sweaters, shawls, etc.; Speed 3 (High) is suitable for coats, sofa covers, carpets, quilts, etc.. You can also adjust the speed setting according to your personal needs.

Extra-large Lint Collection Box

Very Convenient to Use

Equipped with a large collection box, it can hold more debris without the need to clean out frequently. To clean the collector, just unscrew the body cover and brush away all the debris. It’s just that simple and easy.

Versatile Mobile Series

Introducing German Pool Versatile Mobile Series, a revolutionary lifestyle companion. By plugging it to a variety of components, this cutting-edge device will transform into a number of handy travel tools. Simply attach the Ceramic Coated Soleplate to the Power Bank Handle and form a travel iron; or you may assemble a handheld fan, an LED flashlight, or a lint remover in just a matter of seconds. The possibilities are limitless!

Versatile Combinations with Limitless Possibilities

Lint Remover
Portable Fan
(Coming Soon)
(Coming Soon)

Traveller Series Products

German Pool Office Series are designed for the busy white-collar worker. Minimalist and user-friendly are always the style of this series, to help every salaryman have a better office lifestyle experience.

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