Non-Stick Material with 5-layer Coating

German Pool’s Korean made premium non-stick cookware’s coating uses a high quality non-stick material known as Megastone which comes with 5 layers. The coating is ultra-durable, non-scratch and can withstand up to 380°C. What’s more, it is PFOS and PFOA free, so the cookware is perfectly safe to use.

5-layer Coating

The 5-layer coating is made of Megastone material which is super-reinforced and scratch-resistant. Food does not stick to the pan. The coating is ultra-durable which can withstand up to 380°C.

Top Coating
Titanium Megastone Coating
Mid Coating
Primer Coating
Die Cast Aluminum Coating
PFOS and PFOA Free

The coating is PFOS & PFOA free, perfectly safe to use.

Easy-to-clean and Non-stick

The non-stick pan is super easy to clean. When frying, the food does not stick even if no oil is used.

Certified by International Quality Standards

The pans are certified by stringent Japan’s JIS as well as international standard IEC.

Patented Combustion System

Eliminate Smoke and Odor

Phase 1
Lock In

Traditional pan lids do not seal the pan completely and smoke and odor leak out.
The Smokeless Healthy Pan’s lid comes with a silicone-edge which perfectly seals the pan and locks in smoke and odor.

Patented Combustion System

Eliminate Smoke and Odor

Phase 2
Channel and Release

The healthy pan comes with a special inlet and outlet system which leads the pollutants to the heat source where they are burned away

Patented Combustion System

Eliminate Smoke and Odor

Phase 3

The smoke and odor released from the healthy pan are eliminated by fire

User-Friendly Features

Gas stove compatible

Harmful smoke and hazardous substances are burned out and eliminated by the gas flame.

Standable Glass Lid

The standable glass lid is space-saving and convenient. When serving it can be used to block the fumes.

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