De-Stress & Relax the Neck

Deep Acupoint Massage

Inspired by the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, the neck massager brings back comfort and radiance by stimulating and rubbing acupoints in the neck area. This helps foster circulation, and relieves muscle aches and tiredness.

Infrared Heat Compression

The brand new Neck Massager, MN51, uses infrared heat therapy and kneading techniques to foster circulation for alleviating urban ailments such as stress and muscle tiredness.

4 Massage Modes

4 pre-set massage modes include percussion, kneading, pushing, and shiatsu. They serve to relieve neck pains, aches, stiffness, sore muscles, fatigue, and more.

Relieve Stress with Acupoint Massage

Calm, Relax & Relieve Stress

Remove Tiredness & Improve Sleep Quality

Refresh Well-Being & Improve Health

User-Friendly Features

LCD Screen

The smart LCD screen offers clear indication of battery level.

Radius and Angle Adjustment Knob

The user-friendly Radius and Angle Adjustment Knob offers an improved fit to your neck.

Professional Neck Massage

The various rhythms and vibrations relieve neck pains, aches, stiffness, soreness and fatigue.

Infrared Heat Therapy

The Infrared heat compression technology stimulates blood flow.

Target Users

  • play_arrowPeople with neck or shoulder stiffness, pain, or muscle fatigue
  • play_arrowPeople who suffer from headaches or dizziness due to poor blood circulation to the brain
  • play_arrowOfficer workers who are confined to a desk or computer for long periods of time
  • play_arrowPeople suffering from nervousness or insomnia

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