Far Infrared Wrist Band

German Pool’s newly launched Far Infrared Health Care Series gives you a variety of health benefits. With the advanced FIR Energy Spots, the products employ BIO-ACT technology to turn far-infrared (FIR) energy into nano structure, emitting healthy FIR rays (4-14μm) that penetrate human skin to bring about resonance in the body. Such resonance promotes cell activation and proliferation, helping to foster blood circulation, boost metabolism, relieve pains and muscle stiffness.

  • play_arrowReducing fatigue without post-massage muscle soreness
  • play_arrowSoothing muscle stiffness and easing torticollis
  • play_arrowFostering blood circulation around the neck, shoulder, back and waist
  • play_arrowRelieving pains and improving joint flexibility
  • play_arrowHelping to prevent injuries induced by sports or work
  • play_arrowBoosting metabolism and facilitating body detoxification

This far infrared product employs the exclusive Bio-act technology. It has successfully passed the certification standard of Hong Kong Far Infrared Rays Association (HKFIRA), with the results below:

It can emit highly effective FIR rays suitable for human absorption (4-14μm) with infrared spectral emissivity rate up to 93.2%, as tested at certified FIR Testing Laboratory in Japan*.

It gives out less than 0.1 Bq/g radiation, as tested by radiological test report**.

*Japan Dyer’s Inspection Institute Foundation - Infrared Ray Test Report No. DTK10-02822 result: infrared spectral emissivity rate up to 93.2% (8μm at 40°C) with an average of 87.2% (4–20 μm) (note: HKFIRA standard requires an average of 77%)

**The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Radiological (Ionizing Radiation) Test Report No. 3554 result: radiation less than 0.1 Bq/g (note: HKFIRA standard requires radiation of not more than 1 Bq/g)

Your Personal Masseur

Intelligent Air Pressure

The advanced micro computer-controlled inflatable air pouches synergize with acupoint kneading, soothing muscle and joint stiffness, hence alleviating discomfort.

Point Massage

Combining traditional acupunctural techniques and modern technology, MP60 mimics professional stimulation of palm acupoints to help harmonize the internal system.

Heat Compression

The heat compression mode allows customized heating. Through FIR heating and heat therapy, circulation is fostered for through muscle relaxation and alleviation of aches.

Finger Massage

  • Thumb: Heart palpitations, sore throats
  • Index Finger: Stomach pain, loss of appetite
  • Middle Finger: Dizziness, physical fatigue
  • Ring Finger: Headaches, gynecological issues
  • Pinky Finger: Eye strain, insomnia

Target Users

  • play_arrowOfficer workers who operate computers for long periods of time
  • play_arrowArtists whose work necessitates dexterous fingers (e.g. pianists)
  • play_arrowAnyone who suffers from aching palms or hand fatigue
  • play_arrowAnyone who experiences general fatigue
  • play_arrowAnyone who live largely sedentary lifestyles

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