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German Pool’s new built-in oven, European crafted and manufactured ensuring high quality. The chic and stylish built-in design creates a sophisticated kitchen with a host of powerful features that allow you to enjoy professional kitchen equipment at home.

73 Liters of Large Capacity

73 Liters of
Large Capacity

The new oven has a large cooking space, 87 liters of extra capacity similar to the size of professional ovens. Cook whole turkeys for an entire party, enough food for everyone to share!

7 Heating Combinations 40-240°C Precise Temperature Control

7 Heating Combinations 40-240°C Precise Temperature Control

High temperature adjustment range for cooking a variety of foods. Precise temperature control, combined with 7 heating combinations. Master the art of cooking and achieve the best desired effects.

The top and bottom heating elements are activated at the same time, cooking to the perfect golden brown while making cakes, biscuits, and cookies.

The temperature above the oven is concentrated and is suitable for heating or baking small amounts of food, such as dried fruit.

The grill function is activated, suitable for barbecue meat, sausage and fish. Forcing oil out for a golden brown texture and a cleaner taste.

Grill function combined with fan, heat is distributed evenly inside the oven. Perfect for roasting an entire chicken.

The top and bottom heating elements are started at the same time while the fan rotates at a high speed. It ensures pancake and other foods to be heated in all directions, creating a soft and crispy texture.

The heat can be transferred quickly through airflow, every corner of the oven is gently heated. It is suitable for making apple pies, fruit cakes, double boiled eggs and other desserts.

The high-speed fan quickly defrosts frozen food and unlocks its original flavors. Revive frozen Norwegian salmon from its icy seal.

10 Hour Timer and
Preset Function

The cook time can be adjusted from 1 minute to 10 hours. You can also preset cooking time and start the cooking process whenever you please.

Four-Levels of Cooking Space

Four-Levels of
Cooking Space

The multi-layer shelf design allows you to flexibly adjust the cooking space to your needs. It can cook large quantities of food or various smaller dishes.

User-friendly Design

Easy Clean Enamel Cavity

The inner wall of the oven is easy to clean with an enamel coating.

Pop-out Knob

The pop-out knob can only be rotated when it is ejected, which saves space and ensures safety.

Child Lock Function

The keys have a child lock function to prevent accidental child operation, it also allows the panel to be easily cleaned.

Bright Oven Lamp

The lighting effect is clear and natural, easily watch the cooking process.

Detachable Triple Layer Glass Pane Door

The oven door has strong heat resistance, it can also be easily removed for easy cleaning.


Stainless Steel Rack (1 pc)
Food Tray (1 pc)

Installation Diagram

Blends in perfectly with your chic kitchen.

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My new oven has an odour. Is it normal? How to remove it?
When the oven is used for the first time, insulation materials or heating elements may release an odour. It is a normal phenomenon. To eliminate the odour, adjust the cook temperature to 250°C and let the oven run for 45 minutes with its door open.

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