Strong Vortex Fan with Double Inlets

Strong Vortex Fan with Double Inlets

Effectively Suck in Mosquitoes

Strong fan together with double air inlets create a vortex to effectively suck in mosquitoes, and locking them in the container where they naturally dehydrate and die.

Dual Mosquito-Luring Technologies

Dual Mosquito-Luring Technologies

Effectively Attract and Trap Mosquitoes

Lure Agent subtly mimics human smell, while UV Light attracts positively-phototactic mosquitoes.(This product can effectively catch mosquitoes without the Lure Agent; however, using the Lure Agent will increase the mosquito catch rate!)

Mimics Human Smell

Comes with Lure Agent that subtly mimics the smell of human sweat to attract mosquitoes. The Lure Agent is harmless and odourless to human beings.

UV Light

UV-CCFL tube emits UV light of 365 nm wavelength to attract mosquitoes.

Intelligent Photo-sensor

Intelligent Photo-sensor

Convenient, Energy-saving, Eco-friendly

Convenient, Energy-saving, Eco-friendly

When your room is dark, the Light Sensor will trigger the Mosquito Trap, and it will start luring mosquitoes. You can set a 5-, 8- and 12-hour timer for a good night's sleep. If you don’t, the system will turn off during daytime when your room gets bright again, saving you the trouble of manually switching it on and off.

Harmless & Non-toxic

Safe for the
Entire Family

Safe for the Entire Family

Unlike traditional electric zappers or chemical coils, the Mosquito Trap does not emit any odour, radiation or toxic chemicals *. It kills mosquitoes by naturally drying them out, and is perfectly safe for families with pregnant women or babies.

* Lure Agent is compliant with Hazardous Substance Test (Certification No. 387820039002, CCIB)

Light-weight, Portable & USB-powered

Light-weight, Portable & USB-powered

Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use

The Mosquito Trap is light-weight and portable. It is USB-powered and works with a power bank or any USB outlet such as car, TV or computer. It is easier than ever to keep mosquitoes out of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio, office, car as well as outdoor settings like camping, picnic and BBQ.

Thoughtful Design

Large Mosquito Container

Compact design with a large transparent mosquito container, which you don’t have to empty frequently

Super Quiet Operation

Working at 43 dB, the Mosquito Trap is super quiet

Touch Control

Touch Control design for easy operation

Super Lightweight & Portable

Weighing only approximately 0.5 kg, the Mosquito Trap is convenient to take with you on the go


Lure Agent
USB Cable

Mosquito Trap

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