Your Ultimate Choice for Smart Cooking

German Pool Ultimate Rice Cooker combines the advantages of rice cookers, pressure cookers, vacuum thermal pots and electric stewing pots. With computerized pressure and temperature control, it makes cooking all the more fast, safe and simple!

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Your Ultimate Choice for Smart Cooking

German Pool Ultimate Rice Cooker combines the advantages of rice cookers, pressure cookers, vacuum thermal pots and electric stewing pots. With computerized pressure and temperature control, it makes cooking all the more fast, safe and simple!

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Hong Kong cooking show celebrity, Maria Cordero, is having a good time cooking with German Pool’s latest lineup of cooking appliances in her popular TVB show “Good Cheap Eats”. In this 7th season, the household icon will continue to demonstrate her delicious yet highly practical dishes with the help of versatile appliances from German Pool.

Intelligent Pressurizing Technology

It is complicated to cook “Candy Heart” abalones in traditional way. In order to make them tasty and juicy, the cooking process is all about pressurizing and depressurizing repeatedly. With Intelligent Pressurizing Technology and optimal cooking time, this Seafood Delicacy Cooker automatically runs two pressurizing and depressurizing processes. It helps you get the job well done without keeping your eyes open for it.

Abalone Cooking Pressure Diagram


Sea Cucumber

Shark Fin

Fish Maw

Digital Control

The Ultimate Rice Cooker features advanced “one-touch function keys”, enabling you to create a variety of dishes with a press of the button. Cook time is also adjustable for recipe customization. The 24-hour timer is available for more flexible control.

1-99-Min Customizable Cook Time

With the 1-99-min customizable cook time, you can adjust the cook time according to your needs. Creating a variety of cuisines is no longer difficult!

Variety in Home Cooking

Apart from luxurious ingredients, you can prepare a variety of every day dishes in your own way with this all-round cooker. The sky is your limit!






Multiple Safety Devices

User-Friendly Features

Anti-Scratch Non-Stick Inner pot

Made with highly durable material. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking, making the pot easy to clean.

Air-Tight Design

The air-tight design not only preserves food nutrition but also prevents spilling during the cooking process.

'Easy-lift' Cooker Lid

The “easy-lift” cooker lid is detachable, making cleaning extra easy.

Intelligent Memory Device

The Ultimate Rice Cooker is able to complete the preset programme even after power has been cut off.

User-Friendly Features

Healthy Cooking

Air-tight design not only preserves food nutrition and original taste but also requires less oil during cooking process, making your diet much healthier.

Automatic Control

Cooking process is fully automatic. No setting is necessary when a function key is selected. Together with air-tight design to prevent spillage, no special supervision is needed.

Energy Saving

With efficient cooking technology, it saves energy up to 60% compared to the average cookers. Since flameless cooking does not create flames and noise, it is eco-friendly and safe.

High Efficiency

Time for making stews, soups and congee is much shortened. With computerized pressure and temperature control, it cuts operation time by 40% compared to the average cookers.


Non-stick inner pot, sturdy outer pot and stainless steel body are easy to clean and look after.

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Can I put inner pot from Ultimate Rice Cooker on stovetop or induction cooktop for cooking?
Why does the food inside Ultimate Rice Cooker not seem to be fully cooked after the timer has counte
After the timer finishes counting down, the Floater device on the cooker lid does not rise up (i.e. the lid can be opened immediately). That means there is not enough time for the food to be cooked by internal pressure. This maybe due to insufficient food
I cannot open the lid after the time counts down to
No, it is normal that the cooker lid remains locked immediately after cooking finishes. Please wait until the internal pressure is fully released (see user's manual for details) before you remove the cooker lid.
The Ultimate Rice Cooker doesn't start after I set the function and time. Why?
The Ultimate Rice Cooker will heat up to increase pressure. Timer will start to count down when the floater lift up and "P" shown on digital display.
What should I be aware of before using my new Ultimate Rice Cooker for the first time?
Rinse and pat dry the inner pot before using for the first time. Grease the surface with cooking oil (except butter and lard) and let it sit overnight. Clean the inner pot thoroughly afterwards. This procedure is to be done only once. It helps prevent food from sticking.
What type of utensils shall I use when cooking with the Ultimate Rice Cooker? Can I use metal utensils?
Go for spatulas made of heat-resistant silicone, plastic or wood. Avoid using metal or sharp utensils to protect the non-stick coating.
What kind of food can the Ultimate Rice Cooker make?
You can cook various types of food with your Ultimate Rice Cooker. Be extra careful when handling ingredients with bones. Avoid cooking acidic food to protect the non-stick coating of the inner pot.
There are steams coming out through the cooker lid, what is wrong? How do you fix it?
(1) Sealing Ring not in position - re-position the Sealing Ring. (2) Sealing Ring is stained with food residues - clean the Sealing Ring and re-position it. (3) Sealing Ring is damaged - replace a new one. (4) Cooker lid is not closed properly - close the
Can I make Lunar New Year pastries, such as water chestnut puddings, with the Ultimate Rice Cooker?
Yes. Press any function key to heat up the Cooker, then pour in water, slab sugar and chopped water chestnuts. Cook into a syrup. Sieve the ground water chestnut then mix with olive oil. Pour the mixture into the syrup and stir well. Set the Cooker at 10 minutes. Cover and lock the lid, Remove the inner pot after the programme finishes, then turn it over to take the pudding out.
Can I use Ultimate Rice Cooker to make Chinese radish cake?
Firstly, press any function key of the Cooker. Saute Chinese sausages, dried scallop, dried shrimps and Chinese dried pork in the Cooker. Set aside. Then cook the shredded turnip and salt in the Cooker until soft, then add the sauteed Chinese sausage mixture, then mix in rice flour. Set the time to 20 minutes, cover the lid, press "Start" and the turnip cake is done when the programme finishes.
When cooking in high heat with the Ultimate Rice Cooker, is there anything I need to know?
Make sure there is food or liquid inside the pot when using high heat or temperature.

Selected Recipes

Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine
Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine
Conch Soup with Adenophora Root and Solomon's Seal Root
Pork Shoulder Soup with Yellow Cucumber, Coix Seeds and Conch
Maria's Secret Recipe Abalone
Braised Abalone Noodles
Water Chestnut Pudding
Alkaline Dumpling
Stewed Goose Feet with Chinese Mushrooms and Chinese Cabbage
Slow Cooked Pork Knuckle with Abalones
Vegetable Soup with Spanish Chorizo and Spaghetti
Stewed Duck with Mini Taro
Pork Rib Soup with Water Caltrop and Chinese Chestnuts
Stewed Chicken with Phoenix Eye Fruit
Stewed Yellow Croaker with Pickled Mustard Green
Chicken in Coconut Milk with Lemongrass
Old Duck Soup with Longans, Water Chestnuts and Lotus Roots
Lily Tempura
Japanese Style Stewed Salmon Head
Spicy Shredded Chicken and Bean Jelly Sheet
Night-Blooming Cereus and Lean Pork Soup
Stewed Pork Ribs with Edamame Beans and Wheat Gluten
Sugar Cane and Imperatae Soup with Apples
Pumpkin Curry with Evaporated Milk
Stewed Whole Chicken with Chinese Cabbage
Seaweed Soup with Tofu and Minced Pork
Ching Bo Leung Soup with Dried Mussels and Pork Shoulder
Clam Chowder with Tomatoes and Potatoes
Thai Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk
Pigtail Soup with Taro Winter Melon
Stewed Lamb Legs with Tomatoes and Onions
Duck Soup with Lotus Leaves and Seed Pods
Miso Soup with Clams and Tofu
Pumpkin & Cashew Vegan Soup
Pork Rib Soup with Chinese Yam Bulbils and Figs
Mouth-Watering Chicken
Rice Bean Soup with Zucchini and Pork Shoulder
Baked Fried Rice with Cheese and Tri-Colour Peppers
Nourishing Chicken Casserole
Fritillary and Snow Pear Soup with African Sea Coconuts
Watercress Soup with Duck Neck and Gizzard
Homemade Snake Soup
Slow Stewed Squabs with Red Dates and Caterpillar Fungus Flowers
Nourishing Notoginseng Soup
Carp and Loquat Leaves Soup with Sweet & Bitter Apricot Kernel
Pufferfish Maw Soup with Lotus Seeds and Lilies
Spiny Tree Fern Soup
Stewed Mutton with Pot Wine
Longan and Silky Fowl Soup with Donkey-hide Gelatin and Red Dates
Mexican Spicy Beef Stew
Steamed Cabbage with Dried Shrimps
Quail Soup with Chinese Yams & Poor Man's Gingseng
Pork Kidney and Liver in Claypot
Sea Coconut Soup with Coconuts and Chayotes
Blighted Wheat & Mud Fish Soup
Pork Shoulder Soup with Tokay Gecko and Silky Fowl
Fermented Bean Curd Duck Stew in Chili Bean Sauce
Pork Shoulder Soup with Starfish and Carrots
Stewed Beef Brisket and Turnips in Stock
Pork Rib Soup with Lotus Roots
Corn, Dried Fig and Fresh Chinese Yam Soup
Stewed Pork Ribs with Chestnuts & Chinese Mushrooms
Stewed Deer Sinews with Mushrooms and Goose Feet
Pig Tail Soup with Deer Sinews and Eucommia
False Starwort and Silky Fowl Soup
Spaghetti Squash Soup with Apples and Snow Pears
Hairy Figs and Silky Fowl Soup
Flathead & Poor Man's Gingseng Soup with Peanuts & Pork
Silky Fowl Soup with Chinese wolfberries, dendrobiums and Chinese Yams
Lamb Bone Soup with Black Pepper
Stewed Cured Duck with Chinese Yam in Claypot
Chinese Cabbage and Pig Lung Soup with Apricot Juice
Oxtail Stew with Black Beer
Chicken and Chestnut Rice
Shredded Chicken
Partridge Soup with Jiashi Melon and Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernels
Braised Cauliflower
Taiwanese Beef Noodles
Beef Rendang
Stir Fry Mushrooms with Duck Tongues
Secret Recipe Pork Knuckles
Pork Knuckle Soup with Octopus and Peanuts
Fruity Soy-stewed Pork
Firenze Honeycomb Tripe
Crystal Chicken
Stewed Pork with Fermented Red Beancurd and Arrowheads
Duck Leg Rice in Soup
Fried Pork Jowl with Orange Peels
Baked Rice with Imitation Abalone
Stewed Squabs with Dried Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots
Smoked Chicken in Supreme Soy Sauce
Stewed Mutton Belly with Red Yeast Rice and Red Dates
Soybean and Pork Rib Soup with Pineapples and Bitter Melons
Durian and Silky Fowl Soup
Taiwanese Braised Chicken with Ginger and Shallot
Red-Braised Beef Noodle Soup
Red-Braised Pork Belly Cubes
Hand-Pressed Fish Noodles
Fish Ball & Lettuce Congee
Ox Tail Borscht
Braised White Eel & Mushroom
Pork Knuckle in Sweet Vinegar
Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl
Turnip Cake with Chinese Sausage
Red Wine Pork Knuckle Stew
Pork Knuckles & Lotus Root Stew
Crab & Corn Congee
Milky Snakehead Soup
Sea Coconut & Corn Soup
Braised Carp with Ginger & Spring Onion
Salty Chicken