Designed & Made In Europe

Designed &
Made In Europe

Designed and made in Europe, German Pool’s all-new European Series Range Hoods feature the most advanced technology and greatest original looks. Slim hood body and simple controls reveal an exquisite taste. With powerful fan, it always keeps your kitchen clean. Delight yourself with a superb kitchen ambiance and take the most pleasure from cooking in style.

Utilizing BLDC Brushless Motor

Utilizing BLDC
Brushless Motor

The Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor is compact and lightweight. With high functionality, it is exceptionally quiet, durable and stable.

Innovative Vertical Slim Design

Innovative Vertical
Slim Design

The vertical design allows tilt-out operation for easier cleaning and maintenance. Simply open the panel and take out the filter to clean. Perfectly integrated into the cabinets, beautifully and economically.

Purify the Kitchen
with Powerful Range Hood

Powerful exhaust speed with exhaust flow reaching up to 820m3/h. Highly efficient removing kitchen soot, but easy to clean and rid odor. Creating a comfortable kitchen environment.

User Friendly Design

5-Speed Extraction Force
5-Speed Extraction

The BLDC motor range hood comes with 5 fan speeds. It can easily remove airborne grease and always keep your kitchen air clean and fresh.

Energy-Efficient LED Lights
Energy-Efficient LED Lights

The LED lights are energy-saving and offer great brightness. Their low operating temperature prolongs their lifespan.

Multiple Control Panel

It includes a variety of controls such as sliding, push-button, and touch which allow easy operation.

Installation Diagram

Design perfectly integrates the range hood with your modern kitchen.

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Why is the DESIGNER Series of the European Series Range Hood showing error codes "F" and "A"?
"F" indicates that the aluminium oil strainer is filthy. Long press the light button (the leftmost button) for 5 second after cleaning to eliminate the error code. "A" means the activated carbon need to be replaced. Long press the light button (the leftmost button) for 5 second after replacement to eliminate the error code.
The performance of my Range Hood does not seem to be very satisfactory. Why and how can I improve it
Your Range Hood may have been installed at a position that is too high or distant from the source of fumes. Contact a licensed technician to re-position it.
Is it necessary to use activated carbon in DESIGNER Series of the European Series Range Hood?
Customers do need not to use activated carbon in Hong Kong. Or else the performance of range hood will be affected. European customers have to use activated carbon in most cases since oil hoses are not connected to the range hoods.