Soup Master of the Next Generation

Embracing Chinese herbology and modern nutrition science with new cooking technology, the Healthy Slow Cooker is your resident master of every recipe delicate, nourishing, and traditional.

Simmer Like Double Steaming

Acquire the result of double steaming the modern way. Your pot of soup is always cooked electrically at below 100°C with a disc-shaped heating tray. Low, even, and thorough heat is what fuses the potency of a traditional Chinese soup.

Essence in Every Drop

Herbs and meat are softened, not shredded. Essence of them is dissolved, not vaporized. The result is a soup that is clear, yet mingled in flavour and nutrients. Only 1% of water is lost during a 4-hour session, so you get the most from your selected ingredients.

Be Healthy & Free of Fuss

When you make a soup to have a peace of mind, the process should also be peaceful. The Healthy Slow Cooker is easy to operate and does not spill, requiring minimum attention even when cooking for long hours.

Handy Features

Lid Handle

Rest ladle and sifter on the lid handle to use later.

Cooker Handle

Move the pot safely with the handle to prevent scalding.

See-through Glass Pot

The glass is translucent to be checked, and dense to not absorb residue.

High Mobility

Put the glass pot in fridge and microwave oven as needed.

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More Details


How much water can I pour into the glass container?
Please keep water level 2 cm or more below the top of the glass container. Otherwise, boiling water may overflow.
Can I fill the glass container directly with hot water?
Please warm up the container first by adding 1 inch of warm water before hot water.
Can I use the Healthy Slow Cooker to boil water?
No, it is not recommended.