Three Easy Steps of Sous Vide Cooking

Fill and seal the vacuum zipper bag that comes with the Vacuum Sealer properly.

Press vacuum sealer tip flat against air valve. Press the ON button to remove air from bag.

Put the vacuum zipper bag into the cooker that is filled with water at suitable temperature.

Convenient & Practical

Vacuum Preservation

Vacuum food storage effectively isolates water moisture and air, which helps to block microorganism and bacteria. Oxidation is retarded. Preservation can reach 3 times to 5 times period of validity.
Plastic Bags

Vacuum Storage

Vacuum Storage

Vacuum storage is damp-proof and mould proof, ideal for storing items which are easily affected by damp like tea, dried seafood, and biscuits.

Vacuum Marinating

Vacuum Marinating

Spices or ingredients added to the food transmit their flavor quicker and more intensely compared with traditional marinating methods.

Item Storage

Item Storage

Airtight storage is ideal for items which are easily affected by damp or oxidation like camera, lens, cosmetic etc.

User-Friendly Features


All materials are recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be used for cooking or infant food storage.

Double Seal

Double zipper closure ensures a tight seal. Textured layer design prevents air bubbles after air exhaust.

Non-return Air Valve

Air can only be exhausted. Non-return air valve keep air from getting into the vacuum zipper bag.

Suitable for Sous Vide Cooking

The reusable bags are designed for sous vide cooking. Also suitable for food and item storage, refrigerating and marinating.

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Come with the box set. Available in different sizes. BPA free and extra safe.

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How to vacuum seal when it comes to food with a lot of sauce?
When making sous vide curry or Korean spicy beef ribs, you can first freeze the sauce into ice, then place the frozen sauce with the ingredients into the vacuum zipper bag to prevent leaking.
The vacuum zipper bag can be repeatedly used for up to 30 times.
Can the vacuum zipper bag be used for other purposes?
Yes. The vacuum zipper bag is perfect for storing items that are easily affected by humidity and oxidization, for example, cameras, lens and cosmetics.
Is the material of the vacuum zipper bag safe?
Materials of the vacuum zipper bag are recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is safe to be used for cooking or infant food storage.
Can I buy more vacuum zipper bags separately besides those comes with vacuum sealer?
Yes, different sizes of vacuum zipper bags are now available at the German Pool estore.
Can I use vacuum zipper bags from other brands for vacuum storage?
No, German Pool Vacuum Sealer can only be compatible with the original vacuum zipper bags.