Thermostatic Environment Created by Micro-computer

Meticulous Temperature Regulation From 5°C -20°C

Temperature is key for wine storage. Temperature that is too high or too low would taint the flavour and texture of the wine, damaging your priceless treasures. This brand new built-in thermoelectric wine cellar features a thermostatic environment regulated by a micro-computer and dual electronic thermostat, meticulously regulating the temperature between 5°C -20°C, simulating a natural wine cellar to ensure the quality of every bottle of beauty.

UV Tempered Glass Door

Blocking Off UV Rays

Wines must always be stored in dark places, no matter red or white, because exposure to lights will lead to oxidization, tainting its flavour and texture. This brand new built-in thermoelectric wine cellar features UV tempered, double-glazed glass door for double protection, not only in minimizing temperature fluctuations but also blocking off light rays, at the same time preventing condensation of steam, creating the ideal environment for wine storage.

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What is the difference between storing wines in a wine cellar and in a fridge?
The large temperature difference, smell and low humidity of refrigerators are undesirable for storing wines. The wine cabinet is stable, shockproof, and can accurately control the temperature of the wine.