SGS- & AFNOR-Certified

SGS- & AFNOR-Certified

The filter of the Water Pitcher is tested and approved by SGS and AFNOR Groupe to be highly effective in removing impurities in drinking water.

Removing Impurities in Water

Removing Impurities
in Water

Heavy metal and harmful contents such as lead, zinc, cadmium, copper, aluminum, mercury, chlorine, etc. are significantly reduced, Effectively improving water quality and taste.

Long-lasting Cartridge
for 50 Days

Long-lasting Cartridge
for 50 Days

Filtered water can be consumed safely by children who are over one year old. Tum on the counter before use. The counter counts down the number of days from 50 to 0. When 0 is displayed, you must change the cartridge. For optimal use, we recommend to replace the filter cartridge after 50 days or when filtering volume reaches 150 Liters.

Time to replace the filter cartridge?

Replacement of filter cartridge every 50 days (or 150 L water) is recommended.

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