100% Made in Germany

German Pool Instantaneous Water Heater is equipped with dynamic flow control technology. The power consumption is controlled in accordance with ambient temperature and flow rate up to the rated capacity in order to obtain precisely the set outlet temperature and to keep it constant.

Extra-Large LCD Screen

The multifunctional LCD screen clearly displays information such as water temperature. Concise and easy to read.

Wireless Remote - FX (Optional)

Convenient adjustment of water temp. anywhere within 30m
2 programmable keys for quick selection of preset temperature
Precise temperature setting between 20°C and 55°C
LCD panel for clear display of operating status
(H) 79 (W) 120 (D) 35 mm
IP 20 water resistance
Exclusively made for CEX, CFX, DSX and DEX
Made in Germany
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Smart Control (Optional)

The Smart Control system integrates the controls for all compatible instantaneous electric water heaters, allowing every user to preset their desired temperature for every purpose using the intuitive dial on the Smart Control app. According to each individual’s daily routine, the system automates the heater’s setting to deliver the perfect temperature for you. The app also allows you to identify saving targets, and summarises water and energy usage for evaluation.

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The water of the Instantaneous Water Heater remains cold and its digital display screen does not light up. Why?
The master fuse may have tripped. Try to replace or reactivate the fuse. It is also possible that the safety pressure/thermal cut-out has tripped. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre.
Can I hire a qualified technician to do water heater installation by myself if I know exactly which model to replace my old one?
It depends on which type of water heater you are going to replace. On-site sighting is necessary if your old water heater is gas-typed.
Why is the Instantaneous Water Heater displaying the error code "Er"?
Error code "Er" indicates that the control system has switched off. Switch off the fuse and turn it on again. If "Er" is still displayed, please contact the repairs & customer service centre.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Instantaneous Water Heater?
Wipe the plastic surface and parts with a damp cloth. To ensure a stable water supply, detach and clean the outlet parts (tap aerators and shower heads) regularly. Have the electrical and plumbing components inspected by authorized technicians on a regular basis to ensure safety.
The Instantaneous Water Heater displays the error code "NO" and is not responding to the remote control. Why?
The distance between the remote control and the water heater has exceeded the transmission range. Also, the signal of the remote control may be disturbed by other radio emitters.