Foldable Design

Is The Perfect Companion
To Travel With

The kettle is only 7.9cm tall when folded, shorter than the height of a credit card. The width is less than the length of a typical phone. Easy to carry and saves luggage space. The flask is made of silicone rubber gel which can be stretched, perfect for a backpacker.

In the lastest season of TVB popular show “Good Cheap Eats”, Maria Cordero continues to demonstrate her cooking talent with the help of high quality appliances from German Pool. With latest lineup of our products, the household icon can cook hundreds of different dishes with ease, not to mention the machines are operated through a few simple buttons.

Universally Adaptable

Power Supply

Smart self-regulating voltage (100-240V). Globally adaptable to all power sockets, just bring a conversion plug and use.

Precision Control

With Temperature Regulator

Adjustable temperature range from 30 - 90℃, with precision temperature control of up to 1℃.

Boiling, Cooking,
Keeping Warm

All One Touch

In addition to boiling, the kettle can be used for cooking noodles and keeping liquids warm. Small in size yet high on functionality, this kettle lets you enjoy a quick hot comfort meal even away from home.

FDA Approved Food Grade

Non-Toxic Silicon

Safety matters! Made with food-grade silicone rubber and 304 stainless steel, and BPA-free certified by the FDA.

On a Journey

Brew your drinks anywhere

Foldable kettle is easy to store and carry. It helps traveller to prepare drinks or cereal breakfast anytime, anywhere.

New Mom

New mom's best helper

This kettle meets all safety standards and can keep water at a constant temperature. That’s why it is every new mom’s best helper especially when taking their babies out.

Lazy Bone

Reheat pre-cooked food easily

Sometimes it is ok to enjoy lazy moment at home by using this kettle to reheat leftovers or pre-cooked food. Everyone can cook a meal with ease!

Tiny Home

Compact and versatility

It is easy to cook eggs or instant noodles with this space-saving kettle. Suitable for tiny housing situation in Hong Kong.


Cook simple meals in a flash

Lunch time is precious to office workers. This kettle features rapid heating and can boil up water within minutes. So it is easy to prepare light meals, simple snacks and hot beverages at the office.

Simple Bliss

Prepare fine dining in a easy way

Make exquisite dishes such as chocolate-covered strawberries or hot spring eggs ingeniously with this kettle. Add fun to your daily routine.

Foldable Travel Cup
for Wherever You Go

Foldable Travel Cup for Wherever You Go

Additional accessory: 250ml folding cup (KTT-CUP1) is also made of FDA-certified BPA-free silicone. Your safe and reliable travel partner.

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Thoughtful Features

Maximum Capacity
of 0.6L

The size of the kettle is perfect for a family of 3. Its compact design and foldable body is perfect to bring on vacations.

Retractable Handle
for Added Convenience

The handle’s retractable design allows it to fold around the body. Non-scorching and space-saving.

Stylish Chic
Control Panel

Stylish and easy to use control panel, observe the water temperature with just a glance.

Wide Open Mouth Design
for Easy-cleaning

The kettle’s wide mouth can fit in a whole hand, making it very easy to clean.

Detachable Power Cord
for Increased Mobility

The power cord can be detached from the kettle, making it convenient as you go room-hopping around the house.

Multiple Safeguards to
Protect the Appliance

Dry out prevention and automatic shutdown to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Foldable Travel Kettle

Foldable Travel Kettle

Mini Series Products

Traveller Series Products

German Pool Office Series are designed for the busy white-collar worker. Minimalist and user-friendly are always the style of this series, to help every salaryman have a better office lifestyle experience.

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Why are there some red or grayish spots present inside of Foldable Travel Kettle after using for a period of time?
After using for a period of time, the internal heating plate of the kettle may have scale, that is, some red or grayish spots, which is normal.
Do I have to use transformer when using Foldable Travel Kettle at different countries?
No. The voltage of this product is 100-240V~, and the product will be automatically adjusted to the local voltage. Do not connect to any transformers.
How to remove water scale from water?
1. Pour about 0.2L of white vinegar or citric acid into the pot and soak for at least one hour. 2. Then pour out white vinegar or citric acid, wipe the hot plate with a damp cloth and wipe off scale deposits. 3. Add 0.6L of water, simmer once or twice, then pour off the water (do not drink). Rinse off with water after cooling. 4. If there is too much scale, it can be repeatedly removed. After the descaling is completed, it is recommended to run once with pure water.
What is the different between Boiling function and Cooking function?
Boiling function: When the water temperature reaches 100°C, the kettle automatically stops heating, beeps and returns to standby. Cooking function: When the water temperature reaches 100°C, the kettle will continue to heat until the on/off/function key is manually pressed. The kettle then stops heating and beeps and returns to standby.
There is some rubber smell when I firstly use it. What should I do to remove the smell?
Add drops of vinegar into 300 ml water and boil it. Pour the water when it boils.
What is the length of power cable?
800 cm.

Selected Recipes

Onsen Tamago (Hot Spring Egg)
Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Avocado and Shrimp
Chocolate Coated Strawberries