Highly Efficient
Inverter Motor

Highly Efficient
Inverter Motor

The inverter motor allows intelligent control of the washing machine according to the program chosen. Energy consumption, noise and vibration are minimized, it also allows higher quality clean.

1400 RPM Ultra High Speed Spin

1400 RPM Ultra High Speed Spin

The drum is operated at a speed of 1400 rpm in a short period of time. During wash and spin, it produces a powerful vortex and centrifugal force to thoroughly remove the stains from clothes.

16 Large Automatic Laundry Programs

Designed for a wide range of clothing, whether delicate or tough achieve a clean wash with just a touch of a button.

Cotton Intensive
Cotton 60℃
Cotton 40℃
Cotton 20℃
Quick: 15 mins
Eco Wash
Rinse & Spin
Mixed Fabrics
Baby Care
My Cycle
Intimate Customization

"My Cycle" will save your personalized laundry program with just a click. It eliminates the need to select a program each time, make life simple easy and convenient.

7kg Load Capacity

Wash large items such as quilt and bed covers or wash clothes for the entire family. Baby clothing, wools and delicates, special programs to thoroughly clean and care for your clothes.

Wash Protection

The triple water jet design creates a three-dimensional water flow. Powerful enough to remove stubborn stains but gentle as if washing by hand. Protecting the fluffiness of the clothes.

Special Design

Vortex Cycle

The laundry drum rotates in a perfect rhythm creating a whirlpool of water. The vortex generated allows pristine washes and a 360° clean.

Water Injection

The honeycomb water openings effectively drives water into a circular motion, which allows the detergent solution to easily dissolve into clothes and enhance the laundry effect.

Innovative Filter

Innovative filtration system to prevent odor and mold growth for a clean and hygienic wash.

User Friendly Features

Front Loader Washing Machine

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