Auto-Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker

Extracting Nutrients by Healthy Slow Cooking

Large Range of Heating Temperature
Nourishing Slow Stew Mode

Auto Power Switch Function
The Healthy Choice for Every Cooking Task


Creating Healthy & Delicious Dishes Effortlessly

Auto-Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker

This multifunction cooker offers distinct functions. With its advanced power switch technology and 40 - 240°C temperature range, the cooker effectively serves your various cooking needs.
18 Preset Functions | 8L
DFS-105Coming Soon
18 Preset Functions | 5L
8 Preset Functions | 5L

8-in-1 Deep Fry Cooker

The LCD control panel with soft touch keys allows you to optimize temperature and running time for the auto-programmes. The wide temperature range and the multiple functions suit all different food ingredients and cooking needs.
8 Preset Functions | 5L
DFC-515sold out
8 Preset Functions | 5L

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