Commerical Professional IH Induction Cooker

Commerical Professional
IH Induction Cooker

Commerical IH
Induction Cooker


Equipped with latest induction heating technology and advanced computerized control, all components of the cookers thrive to ensure powerful cooking and accurate temperature control

Separation Technology

Both electric fryers and electric noodle boilers use heating elements immersed in the oil, which leads to uneven heat distribution and quick wearing out of the heating elements. At the same time, the frying oil used darkens quickly and needs frequent replacement.

Inverter Technology

The power output of traditional gas cookers, electric cookers and some induction cookers is directly affected by the power input, but fluctuations occur.

Intelligent Control

Professional Series’ cookers support wifi control. In the future, you will be able to use your smartphones or tablets

4 Core Technologies

The core of the cooker, the digital control box empowers the equipment to precisely control temperature levels and time, recognize cookware and stabilize power output.

Professional Series

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