Hokkaido Crab Meat Shumai

Shumai Wrapper
Fresh Crab Meat
Ground Japanese Pork
Green Onion
Salad Oil & Chilli Oil
Fresh Lettuce or Cabbage
Clean crab and take out crab meat. Set aside crab eggs in a separate bowl. Dice up green onion and lettuce/cabbage.
Mix crab meat with pork as well as all seasoning ingredients in a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and set aside.
Form an “O” sign with your thumb and index finger. Then place a wrapper on top and stuff it with meat using a spoon.
Distribute shumais inside clear container of the Multi-tier Food Steamer. Set time to 10 min. Serve when hot.
**Information provided is for reference only. Actual cooking time and temperature are subject to food portion and personal preference