Shanghainess Salty Soy Milk

Soy Bean
Chinese Dark Vinegar
Dark Soy Sauce
Chinese Pickle, Dried Baby, Shrimp, Dried Seaweed, Chopped, Spring Onion, Chinese Doughnut & Meat Floss
Chilli Oil or Sesame Oil
Soak soy bean overnight. Chop up pickles and Chinese doughnut. Tear dried seaweed into small pieces.
Add soy bean and 750 ml warm water into Professional High-Speed Food Processor. Press “Soy Milk” key (6 min) to make a jar of hot smooth soy milk.
In a bowl, add vinegar and dark soy sauce. Pour hot soy milk into bowl.
Sprinkle the rest of the ingredients on top and serve with chilli oil or sesame oil.
**Information provided is for reference only. Actual cooking time and temperature are subject to food portion and personal preference