Pad Thai Noodles with Tamarind and Seafood

Less than 30 min
Pad Thai200 g
Bean Sprouts100 g
Celery1 pc
Tomatoes1 pc
Thai Ladies' Fingers2 pc
Fresh Shrimps1 pc
Scallops1 pc
Mussels1 pc
Water800 ml
Tamarind50 g
Lime1 pc
Red Chili2 pc
Garlic Cloves3 pc
Lemongrass1 pc
Tomato PasteTo Taste
Fish SauceTo Taste
SugarTo Taste
BasilTo Taste
Put all sauce ingredients into the Professional High Speed Food Processor. Blend well.
Cook the sauce together with all other ingredients (except pad Thai) using the Auto Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker. Put in the pad Thai when everything is cooked.
Place the pad Thai into a bowl with the soup. Decorate with basil. Serve.
**Information provided is for reference only. Actual cooking time and temperature are subject to food portion and personal preference