Perfect Partner with Ceramic Cooker

To Create Sizzling Claypot Rice

To Create Sizzling Claypot Rice

Use together with German Pool free-standing Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker to create dai pai dong style claypot rice; 2L capacity is also perfect for sizzling chicken pot and hotpot.

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Non-Toxic & Durable

Australia Imported Ceramic Material

Australia Imported Ceramic Material

Made of Australia imported ceramic material that is non-toxic, scratch-resistant, durable and resists acid and alkali corrosion. The high quality ceramic can withstand up to 350°C, making it extra safe to use with high power cookers and ovens.

Ceramic Pot Maintenance Tips

Ceramic Pot Maintenance Tips

Ceramic pots are durable, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand high heat, making them the perfect pot on gas and ceramic cooktops or even ovens for clay-pot rice, soups, congees and stews. Treat them with care, and you can enjoy them for years!

Pre-treat before first use
When first using your ceramic pot, cook porridge once and set aside for a few hours. This extends the lifespan of the pot.
Don’t let it bump
Take care not to bump it against hard objects to avoid cracking and chipping.

Don’t heat it when it’s too dry
Make sure adequate liquid is present in the pot when cooking. Heating when it’s dry can crack it.
Let cool before washing
After cooking, let it cool down completely before cleaning. Don’t wash with cold water when it’s still hot.

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Selected Recipes

Fresh Eel with Black Bean Claypot Rice
Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Claypot Rice
Chinese Cured Meat Claypot Rice
Japanese Grilled Eel Claypot Rice
Spare Ribs with Chinese Cured Meat Clay Pot Rice
Garlic Crab Claypot Rice
Water-Boiled Sliced Fish in Sichuan Style


What stoves can be used with ceramic pots?
Ceramic or open burner stoves.
What are some things to beware of when first using the pot?
Cook porridge first and set aside for a few hours to extend the pot’s lifespan.
What are some precautions when cooking with the pot?
Add some liquid to the pot when cooking. Heating when it’s dry can crack it.
Can I wash ceramic pots with wire pot brush or abrasive dish cleaners (such as Scotch-Brite)?
You can use a wire pot brush but abrasive dish cleaners are not recommended.
What care should I take when cleaning the pot?
Don’t bump against hard objects to avoid cracking and chipping; let cool before cleaning.
How should the ceramic pot be cleaned?
Use a sponge or abrasive cleaner (such as Scotch-brite), and lightly rub with a little detergent.