USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Ideal for Storage, Food Keeping and Slow Cooking

Ideal for Storage, Food Keeping and Slow Cooking


Save spaces

Save time

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Perfect Partner for Travelling

Perfect Partner
for Travelling

Utilizing the Vacuum Sealer

Free Up Valuable Luggage Space

Free Up Valuable
Luggage Space

Having bought too many souvenirs and there’s not enough luggage space? Using the vacuum sealer to vacuum store different items can effectively free up more space in your luggage case.

Non-stop Fun on Beachside

Lounging on a sunny beach is everyone's dream vacation. But don't let sand and water ruin your gadgets and belongings. No matter which type of water sports you are devoted, never forget to put your valuables such as cell phone, wallet and passport in a vacuum zipper bag, keeping seawater, sand and dust at bay.

Maximize Space in Your Luggage

Travelling abroad always turns into a shopping spree on snacks, cosmetics, souvenir, etc. Do you often end up regretting about suitcase size by the end of your trip? Don't make that mistake again. Vacuum-compress your bulky clothing and towels, and save the valuable space for extra keepsakes that you acquire along the journey.

Perfect Partner for Storage

Perfect Partner
for Storage

Vacuum Storage

Makes Valuables New

Vacuum sealed to store items that are susceptible to oxidation or moisture, such as cameras, lenses, cosmetics, etc., the careful protection makes your most precious valuables new.

Good Helper in Thick Clothes Storage

The storage of winter clothes is always a great headache because of their thickness. It is often the case that thick coats and sweaters take up most of space in cabinet. Vacuum store them will not just spare you more space, but also keep they away from moths,mould and moisture. And there are no longer worries about odour emitted for your winter clothes out of long time storage.

Humidity Resistant

Cameras, lens and laptops are susceptible to oxidation and moisture. And a hotel room with strong air conditioning are more prone to damp the batteries as well as other parts of your devices, since moisture generates easily under huge temperature difference. Vacuum store your devices and keep them away from a damp environment with vacuum zipper bags!

VAS-400's Zipper Bag
Zipper Bag
Ordinary Zipper Bag
Zipper Bag

Perfect Partner for Cooking

Perfect Partner
for Cooking

Perfect Partner for Slow Cook

Abundant Nutrients and Flavour

Abundant Nutrients
and Flavour

Sous Vide cooking is a French cooking method that food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a water bath at 47-88°C. Vacuum sealing the food keeps in juices and aroma that otherwise would be lost. Oxidation and off-flavor during cooking is reduced.

Vacuum Marinating and
Sous Vide Cooking

Time of marinating process can be significantly shortened under vacuum because this condition allows food to absorb marinade faster from the inside out. Vacuum zipper bags are also recommended to be used together with slow cook circulator for the most even distribution of heat while preserving the original flavour of food.

Longer Freshness Preservation

Vacuum food storage effectively isolates water moisture and air, which helps to block microorganism and bacteria, retarding oxidation. Preservation can reach 3 to 5 times longer than normal period of validity. Respective food storage also eliminated smells in your refrigerator. And complimentary vacuum zipper bags of VAS-400 are noted for exceeding durability.

3 Easy Steps of Vacuum Preservation

3 Easy Steps
of Vacuum Preservation

3 Easy Steps of
Vacuum Preservation

Fill and seal the vacuum zipper bag that comes with the Vacuum Sealer properly.

Press vacuum sealer tip flat against air valve. Press the ON button to remove air from bag.

Remove air for about 8-15seconds* until bag becomes tight around food.

* Depends on the volume of bag

USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer

USB Handheld
Vacuum Sealer

One-push Vacuum

Press the ON button for about 8-15 seconds. The Vacuum Sealer automatically sucks air to gain optimal vacuum state.


The vacuum sealer is designed for Sous Vide cooking. Also suitable for food and item storage, refrigerating and marinating.

Compact Design

Petite handheld design makes it possible for home use, travel, or even outdoor activities.

USB Rechargeable

Up to 1.5 hours battery life after recharge.

Supplied Accessories

22 x 21cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 1pc
22 x 21cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 1pc

Suitable for preserving tea leaves, biscuits, and other foods that are susceptible to moisture deterioration.

22 x 34cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 2pcs
22 x 34cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 2pcs

Suitable for preserving towels, clothes, jewelries, etc.

60 x 50cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 2pcs
60 x 50cm
Vacuum Zipper Bag x 2pcs

Suitable for preserving cameras, lenses, cosmetics, etc., that are susceptible to oxidation or moisture

USB Cable x 1
Slipping Clip x 1

Running out of vacuum bags?

Running out of vacuum bags?


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / Standard)
26 x 28 cm (x5)
22 x 34 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / XL)
30 x 34 cm (x5)
26 x 40 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (5pcs / XXL)
60 x 50 cm (x5)

Handheld Vacuum Sealer

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Can I buy more vacuum zipper bags separately besides those comes with vacuum sealer?
Yes, different sizes of vacuum zipper bags are now available at the German Pool estore.
Can I use vacuum zipper bags from other brands for vacuum storage?
No, German Pool Vacuum Sealer can only be compatible with the original vacuum zipper bags.