Portable Coffee Companion

The perfect travel companion for creating the perfect cup, satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere.

Lightweight and Portable
Travel Companion

Whether busy on a business trip, at a picnic or enjoying outdoor sports, the perfect cup will always be at the ready. This lightweight and portable travel companion will satisfy your thirst for coffee or tea.

Make Coffee or Tea
without Electricity

Electricity or batteries are not required for this coffee maker. Simply push the hand pump and extract coffee with 8 bars of pressure. Enjoy rich and delicious “hand-crafted” coffee.

Comparable to
Traditional Espresso Machines

High extraction rate can create coffee similar to that of traditional espresso machines. A thin layer of crema will be created when coffee is extracted properly, producing a smooth mellow flavor with a slight hint sourness for perfection.

Compatible with coffee capsules, coffee powder and tea leaves

Compatible with coffee capsules, coffee powder and tea leaves

Coffee capsules, coffee powder, or tea leaves all compatible with this one machine. Whether hot coffee or hot tea this machine can make whatever you desire.

3 Step Espresso


Insert the coffee capsule.


Pour in hot water.


Press pump for about 12 times.

User-Friendly Features

Detachable Design

Each part of coffee maker is designed to detach, allowing the coffee maker to be cleaned easily.
The transparent coffee cup also acts as a lid in storage.

Safe and Durable
Tritan™ Coffee Cup

Durable, high temperature resistant and BPA free TritanTM coffee cups.
Suitable for making hot coffee and cold tea.

and Lightweight Design

Carry this coffee maker wherever you go, the compact design lets you comfortably store the coffee maker.


Water Storage
Espresso Cup
Ground Coffee/Tea
Compartment w/ Lid
Coffee Capsule
Compartment w/ Lid
Coffee Spoone

Portable Coffee Maker

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